Tip’s and Tricks for Small Businesses in winning Mobile

By Carlo Barbosa

Businessmen winning on Mobile

Image credit: Darron Birgenheier

In his keynote  speech at PubCon Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Search Spam, said that a website with no mobile implementation might take some ranking hit in 2014.

 He was pretty clear that with the significant increase in mobile traffic, not having a mobile-friendly site will seriously impact the amount of mobile traffic Google will send you.

 “If your website looks bad in mobile, now is the time to fix that” he said.

 So why is it having a mobile friendly site so crucial for Small Local Businesses in 2014?

Well, according to a study commissioned by Google, 67% of mobile users said that when they visit a mobile-friendly site, they’re more likely to buy a site’s product or service, 69% expect businesses to be within 5 miles of their location, 55% want to purchase within the hour and 83% wants a purchase within a day.

Mobile users are always on the go, busy with their life.  They want to find relevant information as quickly as possible whether it be as a brief product description , your contact number, address and reviews to your product or services.

 Failing to address their needs at the point in time when your customers go online before making their purchase is a serious disadvantage to your company.

 In their 2012 study, Google reported that 61% of mobile consumers have switched to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile website experience.

 It’s understandable why many small local businesses still fail to address this issue mainly because of lack resources.

 So let me help you.

 I hope the list I’ve made help you improve your website and succeed winning you customers.

 If installing some of the plug-ins listed scares the hell out you. Consider hiring someone from odesk or elance to help you with the installation process but I believe you really don’t need to. Just watch the youtube videos on how to do it as it won’t take you too long.

 1. Use a Responsive Website design

A responsive website design is basically a website that adjust your content depending on the mobile device your customers using giving them the most optimal viewing experience.

 Wordpress provides  a number of free and paid themes that would definitely not broke your budget. David Moth made this amazing list of Free responsive wordpress theme you can use.

I’m recommending this simply because:

  • It provide Consistency. People nowadays use multiple devices, going back and fort before arriving at a conclusion on what to buy. A responsive website helps you be more consistent in the eyes of your customer as you no longer need a separate site just to cater mobile user.
  • It provide a great user-experience.
  • It’s easier to manage since you only be doing SEO in a single site. 
  • You can focus your budget more on creating content than maintaining your separate mobile site. As the saying goes “Content is King.” 

 2. Highlight your best value proposition

This should probably be a no brainer but you’ve be surprised by how many small local businesses fail to distinguished themselves from their competitors.

 Believing just because you have a far better fancy looking website than your competitors doesn’t necessarily mean they will pick up the phone and choose you.

 So what is a Value Proposition?

 A Value Proposition is basically a sentence(s) which consist of the most logical and believable reasons why your customer should choose you against your competitors.

 Your customers aren’t mind readers nor do they have the time to figure you out. You need to tell/show them  front and center that what you’re offering can do the job they’re looking for.

 A good why to start is to brainstorm with your staff and identify at least one aspect  of your business your better than your competition. Peter Sandeen wrote this incredible article in Kissmetrics.com in creating your very own Value Proposition.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

3. Consider using a plug-in called WP Mobile Splash Page Editor

If your website currently don’t have an efficient landing page for your mobile customers. This plug-in is sure to solve that.

I love this because you can add various call-to-action buttons that triggers the native phone function (Phone, email and directions) of your customers making it easier for then to reach you in second.

It simple to use. Styling and editing are a breeze. It’s incredibly fast with hardly no effect to your SEO.  You can also add links to your product page, testimonial and to your various social media accounts making it easier for your customer to recommend you.

WP slash page editor for mobile devices

4. Optimize Content for easy mobile viewing and enhance user experience.

  • Write entertaining headlines as most users use their  phone to fight boredom.
  • Create links and Icons that are touch friendly. Due to small screen size. Many mobile users find it hard to click Call-To-Action buttons so just make it bigger so it’s easier for your customers to click it.
  • Don’t forget to use your keywords (words you expect your customer to type in to find your post) in the title, file name of the images you’re using and the body of your post.
  • Favor close-ups and medium shots for your video or photo gallery. Wide shots in a smart phone doesn’t look pretty.
  • Don’t use video that doesn’t play on smart phone. Example. iPhone’s doesn’t play flash video. 
  • Use big fonts that are easy to read. 
  • Embrace the white space in your post as it is the most pleasing to the eye. 

Make my day and tell me what you think! 

If  ever the post helps you clarify thing regarding the topic it would mean the world to me if you share it to your friends, family, and colleagues who would also be interested. Thank you and God Bless!


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